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Please visit our contact page, or you may call her office at (919) 443-2425

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Katharine has appeared in and been interviewed for dozens of newspaper articles, magazines, radio and TV shows around the country including:

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  • ABC News Nightline and both CBS and ABC News
  • Dozens of radio shows across the country including Delta Airlines Sky Radio and The Joey Reynolds Show on WOR Radio 710 AM in New York (twice)
  • Dozens of newspapers and magazines across the country including Time Magazine, Money Magazine, Forbes, USA Today, The Washington Post, LA Times, the Wall Street Journal, Women’s World Magazine, The New York Times and Conde Naste to name a few.




Add the Concierge Touch to your business with Katharine Giovanni –





Katharine was interviewed by Woman’s World … click here to read the article!



A.M. Williams LiveKatharine talks about value in the workplace (and life)…



Listen to Katharine talk to Emily Chase Smith on customer service –


ABC’s Good Morning America

How to Work From Home, Check Out Five Ways to Make Money From Home, By Tory Johnson

(Katharine was instrumental in assisting Ms. Johnson in understanding the industry and finding a concierge for her to interview.)


Katharine assisted MTV for a piece on the concierge industry

In Pictures, Seven Easy To Start Businesses by Maureen Farrell

Personal Concierge: Entrepreneur magazine, author unknown



Are You Overwhelmed Caring for Someone Else? Call Your Concierge. Assistance with home repairs, buying groceries


The Washington Post

When You Need Another You by Annie Gowen


LA Times

How To Find The Right Service For The Right Price by Julie M. Makinen

Calling In Extra Assistance by Beth Kwon


The Independent – London

Recruitment: Got a problem? Call a concierge… By Emma Jane Jones


How Stuff Works

How a Concierge Works by Stephanie Watson

How to Start a Concierge Business, Durst and Haaren
Employee Benefit Advisor
It’s all in the delivery, by Bruce Shutan